Digital Catalogue




The research was divided into three stages:

- The first stage involved analysis of catalogues authored by the composer himself, drawing up an initial list of his works that would serve as a reference for the final catalogue.

- The second stage involved researching archives of the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, the Biblioteca do Centro Cultural São Paulo, the Acervo Mozart de Araújo, in the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, and the personal archive of Jane Guerra-Peixe; all available documents were analyzed.

- The third stage involved cross-referencing the initial information from the artist’s own catalogues with that obtained in the field research.

The following hierarchy was applied to the cataloguing of information: first consideration was given to handwritten and signed documents, then to copies of handwritten documents signed by the artist, then to publications, and lastly, where these were unavailable, to photocopies.

To indicate the location of the documents, in addition to these criteria, preference was given to documents in better condition.

In addition to considering the conventional bibliographical entries, notes were included that the artist himself wrote about the characteristics and / or special features of each composition; when necessary, the cataloguer added notes as well.

Some sections of music were highlighted and made available through MIDI, providing examples of compositional motifs.