CD Tributo a Guerra-Peixe











JOSÉ STANECK: Combining a variety of influences into his own style, he blends elements from concert music to Brazilian popular music to jazz into a distinctive sound and expressiveness. He studied harmonica with Maurício Einhorn, functional harmony with Isidoro Kutno and analysis with H. J. Koeullreutter. Holding a Masters from the Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, he plays with different chamber ensembles and has been a soloist in numerous national and international orchestras.

ANTONIO DEL CLARO: “Del Claro is one of the most outstanding instrumentalists of his generation and one of the most sincere performers of cello repertoire.” These were the words of Pierre Fournier, the great cellist and Del Claro’s teacher. Considered one of Brazil’s most well-rounded instrumentalists, his virtuosity shines in both chamber music and as orchestra soloist. Brazilian and non-Brazilian critics have acknowledged his ability to capture the full musical content of the works through his austere bearing, rich technique and performance conviction.

FLÁVIO AUGUSTO: Holding a Masters from the Escola de Música da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Flávio Augusto has collected 28 first-place awards in Piano and Chamber Music competitions, and in 1988 he was the first Brazilian to win first place in the International “Villa-Lobos” competition, in Rio de Janeiro. He studied with pianists Gilberto Tinetti, Homero Magalhães and Myrian Dauelsberg, and abroad with Alfred Brendel, Vitalij Margulis and Charles Reiner. He has performed with the leading Brazilian orchestras and in theaters in Europe, the United States and Oceania.