He was the son of Portuguese parents that were born in Beira and came to Brazil in 1893. His father worked at the traditional trade of horseshoer. An amateur musician, he played the following folk instruments: guitar, mandolin, Portuguese guitar, eight-bass button accordion and zither.

The youngest of ten children, at six César Guerra-Peixe’s father taught him to play some guitar; at seven he taught himself to play mandolin; at eight, violin; at nine, piano. And so began the story of a great Brazilian composer.


Born in Petrópolis to Francisco Antonio Guerra-Peixe and Anna Adelaide Guerra-Peixe.

Photograph taken on March 15, 1914.

The family of Francisco Antônio Guerra-Peixe. From left to right. Back: Palmira, Antônio Herminio, Anna and Tereza; front: Amélia , Filomena, Anna Adelaide Guerra-Peixe (mother), Linnie, Francisco Antonio Gerra-Peixe (father) and Emilia.

“In the carriage, a doll representing the one that would be born just days hence, everyone certain it would be a girl…... (Me?...)” Note on the back of the photo made by Guerra-Peixe in November 1982.